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We only use 100% pure linen from the oldest Italian mills, to ensure softness and durability.

Great quality linen is the perfect material for warm climates, due to its softness and breathability, and it is also one of the most resistant cloths.

We source our linen cloth from one of the most prestigious mills in Northern Italy. These skilled artisans have honoured their craft for generations and weave our exceptional linen cloth from only the highest quality fibres. Now into the third generation, their refined cloth represents the essence of the family tradition. From the raw materials to the finished product, the production cycle involves a sequence of manual processes, which has made the mill a renowned linen specialist since the 1930’s.

Quality and attention to details are the key factors that characterise our linen shirts designs. Our shirt makers are respected for their mastery, conserving their made in Italy craft and sustainability trademark. All our shirts are crafted with attention to rare sartorial details like ‘giglio’ stitching, precious mother of pearl buttons, and the unique one piece ‘Paramontura’ collar.

Why is our Linen different?

Our linen cloth is woven from the most prestigious mills in Italy. These artisans rely on a long history of traditions and expertise to weave our cloth, offering the highest quality that will stand the test of time. These are the main characteristics of this sustainable fabric:

Breathable and Soft

Linen has long been the fabric of choice for staying stylish in the heat. Its naturally hypoallergenic fibres make it highly water-absorbent and breathable. This lightweight material will also become silkier and softer after a few wears keeping you cool and comfortable.


While linen is 35 percent stronger than cotton, its chief advantage is its longevity and tends to become better with each wash too, whereas cotton does the opposite. Using prime quality linen is also critical to ensure colours will not fade away, even after many washes. This resilient cloth is adverse to pilling and will keep strength over the years.


Linen is an excellent natural material made from flax fibre and is one of the oldest continuously cultivated plants in the world. Flax grows naturally and requires no additional water other than rainwater and will grow with no pesticides making it the most eco-friendly fabric. In addition its durability means you will also need to replace your shirts less often, meaning you won’t be adding to the growing piles of textile waste all over the world.

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