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Lifestyle Journal

LF GUIDE: The Top 5 Yachting Races in the World

We have listed our favourite yachting events in today’s calendar, which includes different styles of racing around the world, such as single handed, around the world, coastal and fleet racing. However, you don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy the races! There are an abundant onshore festivities and impressive look out points for spectating so you are always in the middle of the action.

Antigua Sailing Week

Over the last two decades, Antigua Sailing Week has become one of the biggest events in the international sailing calendar. It is one of the most magnetic times to visit Antigua and you can take advantage of a full island party. The first race started back in 1967 with only 10 boats, now the race has grown to a popular 200 boats that rally together in late April.

This particular sailing week is famous for its social scene. Post race prize givings take place at Antigua Yacht Club daily, and the final awards presentation takes place in Nelson’s Dockyard on Friday after the last day of racing. Celebrations and dancing continue late into the evening, providing Antigua Sailing Week with a glamorous finale.

Cowes Week

Cowes Week is one of the oldest and certainly the largest racing event in sailing. Since George IV showed his approval by presenting the King’s Cup back in 1826, it is now one of the UK’s longest running and most social summer highlights.

As a custom, the annual Isle of Wight regatta is held between Glorious Goodwood and the Glorious Twelfth and has been a long standing attraction for royalty, the high society and the rich and famous. The 40 daily races include over 1,000 boats, 8,500 competitors and 100,000 spectators that create a flamboyant festival atmosphere which escalates with its annual firework display at the end of the week.

Sydney Hobart

Since 1945, Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has attracted sailors from across the globe competing in one of the world’s most iconic and oldest yacht races.

The 628-mile crossing from Sydney to Hobart brings with it a huge amount of global attention as the large fleet of racing yachts leave Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day. One of the reasons for the popularity of the race are the daring weather and racing conditions which are unpredictable and dramatic, making this race a long standing tradition for sailors to aspire to.

Vendée Globe

The Vendée Globe is quite rightly known as the most challenging mental and physical sporting event any individual can undertake. Founded in 1989, the Vendée Globe is an around the world solo yacht race, non-stop and without assistance. The Vendee certainly tests the sailor’s ability to deal with all the technical elements during moments of extreme pressure.

The sheer brutality of the Vendée Globe lies not just in the fierceness of Southern Ocean storms, but also in the climatic extremes which are intensified by days of endless isolation. For almost four months, the solo sailors have to race their boats battling the sweltering heat of the tropics as well as the freezing temperatures from the high southern latitudes around Antarctica. It is a balancing act between speed, safety, mental self discipline.

Newport Bermuda Race

This race is known to get sailors hooked immediately due to the spectacular crossing through the ocean and the world’s most glamorous race finale. There are 635 nautical miles taking you through howling winds and amazing whales sightings that lay between Newport and St. David’s Lighthouse.

Unlike the other races, NBR is just a two to three day race where the key is to navigate your podium place across the Gulf Stream in the most efficient manner. The beauty of the island also makes this race a spectator’s haven.

For a more leisurely time with the crew, why not try swinging aboard the Sailplane?

Things to double check for:

Sharp clips on shackles when connecting the fenders to the halyard
Boats close by
Swimming abilities
Securing everything down below
Get plenty of action shots!

Yachting Outfit Essentials:

Inject some resort wear suaveness into your wardrobe this summer, with a stylish leather holdall, linen Forte shirt and cashmere sweater; sports luxe at its best.

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